Il creatore

Good day! My name is Pandy and I'm the creator of my adventure. I'll post photos of everyday events, special events or just any goddamn photograph.

Living the Pandy Way of Life.

Follow me if you like pandas, miniatures, nature and adventure (I'll follow back 98% of times)

I understand english, spanish, french and italian.

Pandy knows that opposites are necessary to understand! And that we all fight against them sometimes! (Great example with Sakura Cards)

At the end of the day, it was a good trip :)

Pandy tiene una gran aventura en el Sendero La Cascada

Pandy realizes that the world it’s really big

Pandy likes life!

Pandy takes a path called “Sendero Nublado” (Cloudy Path) and others.

Pandy takes a break!

El coche de los amigos de Pandy es remolcado